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Corporate Strategy Development & Execution

At Social Tech Media we know that if you are a new start up or an established organization trying to regain focus, a corporate strategy is vital to any organization.  We can help you develop a successful corporate strategy, messaging, and plan to take your organization to the next level. We can help you find your niche and assist you with dominating that niche. We have done it all and will help you do the same.

Contact Social Tech Media and hit the ground running. Our team of seasoned professionals will walk you through every step of the process and help you avoid all the pitfalls that our experience has taught us.


Marketing Plan Development & Execution

At Social Tech Media we know that the marketing plan is the underlying Organizational GPS that must be established as a result of the overall organizational strategy and messaging. We start at the top to understand the organizational strategy and messaging to build the Marketing Plan.

We then analyze each element to be incorporated into the Marketing Plan to ensure each element drives the organizational strategy and messaging. Each of these elements must support and work together to achieve the organizational strategy and messaging or the plan will fail. If the elements are not incorporated carefully and cautiously it will cost you money and the Marketing Plan will be out of touch and useless to the organization.

If the Marketing Plan is driving the organizational strategy and messaging, then the plan will succeed.  Then and only then will the marketing plan easily and ultimately drive leads into the sales pipeline when executed within the strategy.


Contact Social Tech Media to take advantage of our team of industry experts who have built successful Marketing Plans for Startups to Fortune 500 organizations



Event Planning & Execution

At Social Tech Media we believe that events are a critical element to your overall strategy.

Without events your plan will fail. There are many schools of thought when it comes to events. The “Event School of Thought” is to do as many in person events as possible and the leads will roll in. The “No Event School of Thought” is to never leave the office and the leads will just roll in.

The “Event School of Thought” can cost an exorbitant amount of money with little ROI. In addition, if these events are not incorporated into the entire organizational strategy and messaging, then ultimately the “Event School of Thought” school will fail.

The issue with the “No Event School of Thought” is that many organizations believe they can acquire customers without ever leaving the office. It creates an environment that leaves your customers disconnected and not emotionally attached to you, your products, or your organization.

However, there is a balance between these two that is required for an effective marketing strategy and plan. We understand that many organizations do not know which events to attend and ultimately make costly mistakes.

That One-to-One Emotional Connection is critical to the overall success of your organizational strategy and marketing plan. The only way you get that One-to-One Emotional Connection is through in person events.

Contact Social Tech Media to help you find events that are appropriate for your target audience and that will effectively support your organizational strategy. In the case of a target audience event gap, we help you create your own organizational events to meet the needs of your target audience. We will also help you understand that these targeted organizational events will help you create a community around your product offering. Thus translating into creating a community of loyal customers.



Interim Management

At Social Tech Media we know that interim management saves time, resources, and most of all reduces cost to your organization. Start-Up interim management is a perfect solution for organizations at the early stage of development. At Social Tech Media we work with you from stealth mode, to Start-Up, to Stage One Funding, Stage Two Funding, and so on. In the early stages of your organization you will need executive-level marketing leadership. This leadership is necessary to create corporate brand, corporate strategy, positioning, messaging, PR/AR and launch the company.

With Social Tech Media interim management you will take advantage of our team of experts and hit the ground running. When you are ready and know exactly the job you need done you can begin the hiring process to acquire that full time employee.

In addition, Social Tech Media interim executive leadership will add value to established companies by quickly filling a management void and bringing a new perspective, addressing potential crisis management, business critical issues and organizational challenges that comes with the loss of management.

You need interim management if your organization is:

  • In stealth mode and it is too early for a full-time marketing executive
  • Suffering the loss of Marketing Management
  • Dealing with scarce marketing resources
  • In need of an expert to define and articulate you unique value proposition
  • In need of a crowd funding strategy and plan
  • Finding it difficult to find a permanent hire

Social tech Media will assume interim marketing management roles on a part-time or full-time basis. Our award winning team has a multitude of organizations just a phone call away to get any job done. We have held numerous CMO, VP, and Director level positions in Marketing and Operations.

In many cases, we bring in a team of consultants to fill gaps or accelerate programs based upon need. This approach will enable you to move quickly and efficiently with a complete outsourced team and add the right level of expertise when it is needed.

Contact Social Tech Media today and see how quickly we can get you to where you want to go



Consulting Services

At Social Tech Media we know that sometimes the path is not clear on what exactly you need when it comes to a marketing staff. If you are a startup or you are in the in the midst of a loss of marketing leadership, we know the business must go on. We understand your dilemma and that is why we created the Mini CMO offering.

Marketing can be confusing to any organization. If you are unsure of what to do with your marketing, or if you are unsure if your marketing efforts are as profitable as they should be; then let Social Tech Media help you navigate the confusion and uncertainty. We will assist you with every level and every facet of Marketing. If you are a fortune 500 organizations or a Start-Up in stealth mode, we can help.

The Mini CMO is an option for you when you need us to come in and help you establish the brand, create an effective Marketing Strategy and Plan of Execution. The Mini CMO is an option for few hours a week to a full time position for a few days or several months. We are here to meet your needs and most of all to help you maximize your budget.


The following are just a few of the items we can provide:

  • In-Office Consultations
  • Telephone/Email/Webinar Consultations
  • New Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Staff Training
  • Internet Marketing Consultations
  • Client Retention Consultations
  • Brand Management
  • Among many other options…. 


Contact Social Tech Media today to understand how are consulting services are here to meet your needs and most of all to help you maximize your budget.

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