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Brand by Design... Not by Default!

What We Believe

Marketing is and must be highly connected, personal and emotional.

When someone tells you, "It’s not personal, it's just business," you know their marketing is disconnected and neither personal nor emotional. More than likely they are successful in spurts and don’t feel the need for customer retention.

Without the ability to touch an emotional chord with each and every person you come into contact within your target market, you will never keep their attention let alone their business.

Current estimates are an organization needs to touch a customer more than 21 times before the customer will begin to engage. Ten years ago that number was only 7.

We are bombarded with over 30,000 messages a day.

How will you, as an organization, reach through the 30,000 and capture the mind share of your potential customer let alone retain your current customer base.

The answer is, by design and not by default.

At Social Tech Media, we have a complete and proven philosophy on how to execute an effective marketing strategy by design, which translates to a successful marketing plan, that translates to customer acquisition and ultimately retention.

95% of Marketing is done by default. Many times a well intended marketing manager or director will start a new position and begin throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what works instead of actually executing on a plan designed specifically to acquire and retain customers. The reason for this is both lack of experience and lack of time.

We believe Marketing is a scientific analysis of behavior cause and effect. It has more to do with the psychological aspect of the customer, then just getting leads. A good marketer takes a hard look at the organization’s current customer's likes, dislikes, needs, and pain. They get to the customer any way they can and then analyze the information collected and design a plan targeted at emotionally meeting the customer’s needs and making their pain go away on a personal level.


Social Tech Media Will:

  • Design and create your corporate and marketing strategy
  • Create an Inbound and Outbound marketing strategy to build and sustain your brand 
  • Provide Marketing Automation Strategy and Implmentation to drive leads
  • Develop a step-by-step plan to create a successful Crowdfunding campaign
  • Step in as interim management
  • Provide a part-time or full-time outsourced marketing position
  • Create an event strategy and plan of execution
  • Fill in the blanks so you can focus on your business
  • In addition to much, much, more!


Contact us and lets work together to take your organization to the next level


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